When is the deadline for college applications?

The deadline for college applications varies from school to school. It's best to check with the college or university you are applying to for their specific deadlines.
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What invention improved everyday life the most?

The invention that has improved everyday life the most is undoubtedly the internet. By giving people unprecedented access to knowledge and communication tools, the internet has enabled people to access all sorts of information, learn new skills, collaborate with others, and stay connected with loved ones regardless of distance. The internet has become so essential to modern life that it's difficult to imagine life without it — it has truly revolutionized the way people live.

What should I use when filling in item specifics?

When filling in item specifics, sellers should use as much detail as possible related to their product. This should include details about the product such as size, material, features, color, brand, etc. Additionally, you should keep the tone of the listing professional and use proper grammar and punctuation.

What do you love most about Tomb Raider?

I love the combination of historical, archaeological and mythological elements that make Tomb Raider so unique. I also love the action-packed, adventurous atmosphere of the games and the puzzle-solving aspect of the gameplay. Lastly, I really enjoy the strong, fearless and determined female protagonist, Lara Croft.


Who are Bigg Boss actresses Neha Gowda and Mayuri Kyatari?
Neha Gowda is an Indian actress and model, who primarily appears in Kannada films. She gained popularity for her appearances in movies like Raj Vishnu, Jaggu Dada, Dandupalya 2, and Kurukshetra. Mayuri Kyatari is a Indian film actress, who has appeared in Kannada, Tamil and Telugu films. She made her debut with the Kannada action film Chiru
What is the difference between OCR and word recognition?
OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is the process of using digital image processing to recognize and convert printed text into a digital format. OCR is mainly used to recognize text in scanned images, but can also be used on handwritten text. Word recognition is a process of using linguistic analysis to identify written words in digital content and convert them into recognizable words in natural language. Word recognition is mainly used to identify words in digital documents and to process spoken language, such as voice recognition software.
What was the first object to be placed in geostationary orbit?
The first object that was placed in geostationary orbit, in 1965, was the Syncom 3 communications satellite.
What should I do with my lancets and syringes?
Lancets and syringes should be disposed of in a sharps container. Used syringes and lancets should never be thrown away in the trash.
Why is my guitar bridge pin stuck?
There can be a few reasons why a guitar bridge pin is stuck. It could be because the bridge pin wasn't given a close enough fit or because it has been stuck in the bridge holes for a long time. A bridge pin can also become stuck when the string tension is too high, which can be corrected by loosening the strings. If none of those explanations make sense, you may need to have the guitar examined by a luthier.
How much power can a USB-C port deliver?
Most USB-C ports are capable of delivering a maximum of 15W (5V/3A), although some are capable of delivering up to 100W (20V/5A). However, the maximum power that can be provided will depend on the device itself.