Who sets the planning application fees in Wales?

The Welsh Government sets the fees for planning applications in Wales. The current fees came into effect on 1st July 2020, and are reviewed annually based on inflation.
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How are indirect costs charged to a grant or contract?

Indirect costs are typically charged to a grant or contract using a negotiated rate with the awarding agency. This rate is usually based on the company’s overhead, administrative and fringe benefit costs. It is then applied to direct costs as a percentage rate. The rate is typically determined by the granting agency and reviewed annually.

What should I tell my doctor about my habits?

It is important to be honest with your doctor. Tell them all the habits you have and the things you do regularly. This could include information such as your exercise routine, dietary preferences, smoking or drinking habits, use of supplements and medication, and any leisure activities or hobbies you enjoy. It is important that your doctor has as much information as possible in order to provide the best care possible.

What is a flick up in FIFA 18?

A flick up in FIFA 18 is a skill move that allows you to lift the ball in the air using the left stick of the controller and then guide it with the right stick. This can be used to deceive opponents and create space.


How much did Peter Jackson's Hobbit trilogy cost?
Peter Jackson's Hobbit trilogy cost approximately $623 million USD to make.
Are SATA drives compatible with win-98?
No, SATA drives are not compatible with Windows 98. The first version of Windows to support SATA drives was Windows 2000.
Who is Surya Kiran from Bigg Boss Telugu 4?
Surya Kiran is an Indian movie actor who was a contestant on the fourth season of Bigg Boss Telugu. Kiran is mostly known for his roles in Tollywood films such as Nenu Sailaja and Vettai 2, as well as appearances in television shows such as Jabardasth and Maa Gold.
What plants can you grow hydroponically?
Some plants that can be grown hydroponically include tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, lettuces, herbs, and flowers, as well as root vegetables such as potatoes, radishes, and onions.
Is it time to upgrade your ram?
It depends on your needs and the specs of your current computer. If you need more RAM, then upgrading may be a good idea. However, you should check the RAM specifications of your computer before upgrading.
Who is the audience of technical documentation?
The audience of technical documentation typically includes IT professionals, administrators, software developers, and other users who need to understand a technical system or product.