Why is GameObject find not working?

GameObject.Find() will only work if the GameObject you are looking for is in the currently active Scene. If the GameObject you are searching for is not active, then it will not be found. You may need to use a different method to find the GameObject or activate the Scene containing the GameObject.
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Are mosquitoes more likely to bite people with different blood types?

No, mosquitoes do not discriminate based on blood type when looking for a host to feed on.

Can a Deadwood casino operate at full capacity?

No. Deadwood casinos are required to adhere to the state's Covid-19 guidelines which currently limit the occupancy of any indoor facility to 50% capacity.

What is a fixed deposit (FD)?

A fixed deposit (FD) is a type of investment where a certain sum of money deposited into a financial institution is held for a specific period of time and earns an interest rate that is higher than a regular savings account. The interest rate and length of the fixed deposit are both important factors that are taken into consideration before investing. Additionally, once the initial deposit amount is put into the FD, the principal and interest earned cannot be accessed until the FD reaches maturity, which could range from a few months to several years.


What phone numbers work in Austria?
Austrian phone numbers follow the format +43 (Austrian country code) followed by the area code and corresponding seven/eight-digit phone number. For example, a typical Austrian phone number looks like +43 1 123 456 78.
How to add an “a record” with the DNS zone editor?
1. Log into your hosting account and navigate to the DNS zone editor. 2. Select the domain that you would like to add an A Record for. 3. Click on “Add Record”. 4. Enter the Host Name, select “A” from the drop-down menu for the Type, and enter the IP Address for the target. 5. Click the “Save” button or “Add” button (depending on your hosting provider). Your A Record has now been added.
What was Microsoft Hungary fined for FCPA violations?
In 2018, Microsoft Hungary was fined $8.75 million by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) for violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). The company was found to have used improper financial incentives to influence the decision of a senior government official of Hungary to favor Microsoft in the award of two software tenders. Employees of Microsoft's Hungarian subsidiary had allegedly offered the official a software license and a job to benefit Microsoft in the awarding of the tenders.
What happens to MSCA in Azure DevOps in 2022?
The future of the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (MSCA) in Azure DevOps is uncertain at this point in time. Microsoft has not made any official announcements regarding the continued development or support of the MSCA in Azure DevOps beyond 2022. However, the current MSCA in Azure DevOps provides strong capabilities that can help organizations migrate to the cloud quickly and efficiently. Organizations may choose to continue to use the MSCA as is, or migrate to an alternative set of tools or services.
What is a crosshair overly program?
A crosshair overlays program is a software or application that allows users to superimpose a crosshair or aiming point onto their computer display. This includes useful applications such as FPS (First Person Shooter) video games and other video or graphical applications. The crosshair can be moved, scaled or customized to the user’s preference.
Where did Joseph settle his father and brothers?
Joseph settled his father and brothers in Egypt, in the land of Goshen.