Is a published decision of the Court of Appeal binding?

Yes, a published decision of the Court of Appeal is generally considered to be binding on lower courts. However, it will only be binding on other Court of Appeal decisions if it is cited as a persuasive authority.
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How to catch JavaScript syntax errors?

Syntax errors in JavaScript can be caught by using the "try...catch" statement. This allows you to catch any errors that may occur during the execution of code and then handle those errors gracefully. It is best practice to place this statement at the top level of your code so that any errors are caught and handled as soon as possible. Other methods such as using a linter like JSLint or ESLint can also be used to detect potential syntax errors before they occur.

What happens if a window sensor falls off?

If a window sensor falls off, the sensor may not be able to properly detect when a window is opened or closed. Additionally, it may cause the entire security system to be compromised. If a window sensor falls off, you should immediately contact the security system provider to arrange for a replacement.

What is the product formed when nitrogen ions are denitrifying?

The product formed when nitrogen ions are denitrifying is nitrate.


How wide should a kitchen door be?
A kitchen door should typically be at least 32 inches wide for comfort and accessibility.
Are grammar schools just for the rich?
No, grammar schools are not just for the rich. Grammar schools select students based on an entrance exam, not on their financial background. Many grammar school pupils receive a bursary or financial support to help with school fees.
Can You charge Bluetooth headphones while using them?
No, it is not recommended to charge Bluetooth headphones while using them. Doing so can cause a fire hazard and could damage the battery or headphones. It is best to charge them when they are not in use.
Why backup log cannot be performed in SQL Server 4214?
Backup log cannot be performed in SQL Server 4214 because this version is no longer supported. Microsoft ended support for SQL Server 4214 in April 2013.
Does every Louis Vuitton bag have a serial number?
Yes, every Louis Vuitton bag has a unique serial number. The serial number is typically printed on a white leather tag, which is sewn onto the interior of the bag.
What is the limit FDIC will insure?
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insures deposits of up to $250,000 per depositor, per insured bank, for each account ownership category.