How do I enable or disable optional diagnostic data collection?

Optional diagnostic data collection can be enabled or disabled on Windows 10 by navigating to Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics & Feedback and selecting either the Basic or Full options. You can also choose whether to share this data with Microsoft and its partners.
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Who are the dwarf actors in ' The Hobbit '?

1. Mark Hadlow 2. William Kircher 3. Ken Stott 4. James Nesbitt 5. Graham McTavish 6. Stephen Hunter 7. Dean O'Gorman 8. Adam Brown 9. Peter Hambleton 10. John Callen

How do you get rid of maggots on apple trees?

To get rid of maggots on apple trees, the following steps should be taken: 1. Remove any fallen or rotting fruit from the tree and dispose of it in an appropriate container. 2. Trim away any dead or damaged branches and dispose of them in an appropriate container. 3. Spray the tree with an insecticide that is effective against maggots. 4. Encourage beneficial predators such as birds, lizards, and wasps to inhabit the area around the tree. 5. Set out nematodes, which are microscopic worms that seek out and destroy maggots. 6. Monitor the tree for maggots and other pests on a regular basis.

How hard is it to kill zombies in Resident Evil 2?

Killing zombies in Resident Evil 2 can range from easy to hard depending on certain factors like the zombie's level, the weapons you are using, and whether or not you have any upgrades. Generally, if you are well-prepared, you should be able to take out zombies fairly easily.


How to disable network adapter in Windows 10?
1. Right-click on the Windows Start button, and select Device Manager. 2. Expand the Network Adapters option, and right-click on the network adapter you’d like to disable. 3. Select the Disable device option. 4. A confirmation window will appear. Click Yes, and the network adapter will be disabled.
What kind of habitat did dinosaurs live in?
Dinosaurs lived in a wide variety of habitats, including forests, jungles, wetlands, deserts, plains and mountains.
Can I apply for multiple mortgages?
Yes, you could apply for multiple mortgages if you are in a financial position to do so. However, it is important to consider the financial commitment being made to each lender and how this could affect you if you are unable to keep up with payments or the market changes. You should also consider the impact of having multiple mortgages on your credit score.
Is an online Doctorate in Pharmacy degree right for You?
It depends. If you already have a background in pharmacy, such as a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree, then an online Doctorate in Pharmacy may be a great fit for you. It can provide you with an opportunity to specialize in a specific area of pharmacy, such as pharmacology, or a focus on teaching and research in the field. If you don't already have a degree in pharmacy, then an online Doctorate in Pharmacy may not be the best fit for you.
What is Deloitte's social impact?
Deloitte’s social impact focuses on creating opportunities for individuals and communities around the world. Through their impact initiatives, Deloitte seeks to help families and communities gain access to the necessary resources and support to move forward in their lives. These initiatives involve mentoring, financial aid, job training, and other forms of support to create pathways for people to achieve their goals. In addition, Deloitte strongly advocates for diversity and inclusion in their workplaces, creating opportunities for everyone to succeed.
What are the disadvantages of low literacy?
1. Difficulty in obtaining and performing skilled employment. 2. Reduced access to information and services. 3. Limited understanding of consumer rights and responsibilities. 4. Difficulty using digital tools. 5. Lower self-esteem. 6. Difficulty understanding health and safety messages. 7. Reduced civic participation. 8. Inability to contribute to problem solving. 9. Less ability to stay informed about current events or to access news or digital stories. 10. Higher rates of poverty, unemployment and incarceration.