How do I submit my UC Berkeley appeal letter?

Your appeal letter will need to be sent directly to the College of Letters and Science Undergraduate Division by mail or in person to the following address: College of Letters & Science Undergraduate Division 4480 Tolman Hall, Room 224 Berkeley, CA 94720 You can also email documents to [email protected] If you choose to email documents, be sure to include your full name, student ID number, and the subject line "appeal letter".
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What did Prometheus bring to humans?

Prometheus is best known for bringing the gift of fire to humans. He stole fire from the Gods of Mount Olympus and gave it to mankind as a source of both warmth and knowledge. With knowledge, humans were able to craft tools, create art, and build civilizations.

What is AIFF format sound?

AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format) is a file format developed by Apple Inc. for storing digital audio data, and is typically used in Apple products such as the iPod and iTunes. AIFF is an uncompressed format which means that the audio file takes up more space than many other audio formats. It is similar to WAV, but is compressed with the IFF (Interchange File Format) container. AIFF files are commonly used for professional audio work and are high-quality, making them a popular choice for storing and distributing audio.

How to maintain healthy habits and stop sabotaging yourself?

1. Get organized. Start by making sure you have enough time set aside for healthy habits, such as planning your meals or exercise. Identify and prioritize the things that will help you reach your goals. 2. Track your progress. By tracking every small achievement, you will motivate yourself to keep going and prevent yourself from backsliding into unhealthy habits. 3. Have realistic expectations. It is easy to get discouraged when your expectations are too high. Approaching a goal gradually with realistic expectations makes it easier to maintain habits and stick to them. 4. Celebrate your successes. Acknowledge the successes you make, even when they are small ones. This will help to build momentum and keep you motivated. 5. Forgive yourself. Everyone falls off track from time to time. Instead of beating yourself up, focus on learning from the experience and getting back on track. Remember, it takes times to build healthy habits. 6. Surround yourself with support. Find people who will help and encourage you to stay on track. Seek out local groups or talk to a friend about your goals. It is much easier to stick to healthy habits when you have the support of others.


What did Edmonds say about his wife Ruth?
Edmonds has described his wife Ruth as his "rock". He often speaks fondly of her, expressing appreciation for her commitment to him and their family. He has also expressed how her generous spirit and support has helped him immensely throughout his career.The Edmonds family is a family of six rappers and songwriters from Detroit, Michigan. They are composed of brothers Foree “Big Sean” Edmonds, Robert “Bobby Ray Jr” Edmonds, and Mickinley “Kamal” Edmonds, in addition to their sisters Calbreeze “Kaiya” Edmonds and Sherise “Kelly” Edmonds, and cousin Geechie “Gee-1” Edmonds. They gained recognition as collaborators on Big Sean's Detroit mixtape in 2012, and have since then appeared on several songs together and released multiple singles as a group.Edmonds and Pantenburg have been married since June 26, 2018.Tracey Edmonds is not currently married.
Are potato chips really that bad for You?
Potato chips can be high in fat, calories, and salt, so it is best to enjoy them in moderation. Eating excessive amounts of chips can lead to weight gain and health problems, so choose healthier snacks whenever possible.
how to make waffles
Ingredients: - 2 cups all-purpose flour - 2 tablespoons sugar - 2 teaspoons baking powder - 1/2 teaspoon baking soda - 1/2 teaspoon salt - 2 eggs, beaten - 2 cups buttermilk - 2 tablespoons melted butter -Non-stick cooking spray or butter Instructions: 1. Preheat your waffle iron according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 2. In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda and salt. 3. In a separate bowl, whisk together the eggs, buttermilk, and melted butter. 4. Pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and whisk together until fully combined. 5. Grease the preheated waffle iron with non-stick cooking spray or butter. 6. Pour the desired amount of batter into the preheated waffle iron, close the lid and allow the waffle to cook for 3-5 minutes or until golden brown. 7. Carefully remove the waffle from the waffle iron and serve.
Is refinancing a car worth it?
The answer to this question depends largely on your individual financial situation. Many people can benefit significantly from refinancing their car. If there is a significant difference between your current rate and the rate you could get by refinancing, you may be able to save a substantial amount of money each month on your car payments. In addition, the new loan terms may result in you paying off the loan in a shorter period of time, resulting in long-term savings. On the other hand, it is important to do your research and consult a financial advisor before making a decision on whether or not to refinance your car.
Are computer programmers exempt from sales tax?
No. Computer programmers are generally not exempt from sales tax. Depending on the jurisdiction, there may be exceptions for certain economic activities, such as if a business is selling wholesale products to other businesses. Additionally, some states may provide exemptions for specific products, such as software licensing fees. Therefore, it is important to research the specific laws in the jurisdiction before making a determination.The answer to this question depends on the specific state in which the software maintenance charges are located. Most states exempt certain types of maintenance and repair services from sales tax, but the exact details of these exemptions vary from state to state. For more detailed information regarding your specific state’s sales tax exemptions, you should contact the applicable state tax agency.It depends on the country and state. In the United States, some states, such as California and Washington, require that software be taxed, but in most states it is exempt.The answer to this question depends on the state in which the services are being provided. Generally, software services may be subject to sales and use taxes. However, some states provide exemptions or special tax rules for certain types of software services. It is best to confirm this with the state’s revenue or taxation department.Whether or not software sold on a disc is taxable depends on the tax laws in the jurisdiction where it is purchased. In some places, such purchases may be subject to sales tax, while in other locations, such purchases may not be taxed.
How to turn on hibernate on Windows 10?
1. Open the Start Menu and type “Power Options” into the search bar. 2. Click the “Change what the power buttons do” link. 3. Click the “Change Settings that are currently unavailable” link. 4. Scroll down to the “Shutdown settings” section. 5. Check the box next to “Hibernate”. 6. Click “Save Changes”.