What are the top IIT colleges for electrical engineering?

1. Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay 2. Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi 3. Indian Institute of Technology, Madras 4. Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur 5. Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur 6. Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee 7. Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati 8. Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad 9. Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar 10. Indian Institute of Technology, Patna
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What happened between Kushal Tandon and Gauhar Khan?

Kushal Tandon and Gauhar Khan had a high-profile relationship that ended in a very public breakup which was widely reported in the media. It is believed that the couple had a heated argument on the sets of their TV show "Nach Baliye", which ultimately led to their breakup. It was reported that Kushal used foul language and misbehaved with Gauhar, which caused a rift between them. The couple have since moved on and continue to maintain a cordial relationship.

What ingredients are needed to make a marinade for rack of lamb?

1. Olive oil 2. Garlic, finely chopped 3. Fresh rosemary, finely chopped 4. Lemon juice 5. Salt & pepper 6. Honey 7. Cumin 8. Mustard powder

What is the difference between global and local interpretability?

Global interpretability refers to the ability to understand the overall "big picture" of a model and its results. It is often used to refer to the ability to understand a model's general features and behaviours across an entire dataset. Local interpretability, on the other hand, is the ability to explain model results for specific inputs or cases. This type of interpretability is particularly useful to explain why an individual result is what it is and what features may have contributed to it.


What is a split in sports?
A split in sports is when two teams share a game or an event, either splitting wins or losses, or splitting points and/or proceeds. This is most commonly seen in arrangements between two teams in which they agree to split the money made from an event or match.
What do you like most about home-cooked food?
I like that it is home-cooked with love. Home cooking allows me to have total control over the ingredients I use and I know exactly what I am eating. Home-cooked food is healthier than eating out, and I enjoy trying out new recipes. Home cooking also allows me to bond with the people I'm cooking for, whether it is for friends or family. Plus, it tastes really good!
Is grey goose a rum?
No, Grey Goose is a brand of vodka.
How do you stop incoming calls on iPhone?
To stop incoming calls on an iPhone, you can turn off your cellular provider's call-forwarding option, enable Do Not Disturb mode, block specific numbers, or use a call-blocking app.
What is macOS recovery?
macOS Recovery is a set of tools in macOS that allows you to restore from a time machine backup, reinstall macOS, repair or erase a hard drive, and more. It can be used to recover data from a malfunctioning computer, install a new version of macOS, or repair a damaged startup disk.
what is proprietary software
Proprietary software is computer software that is protected by intellectual property laws such as copyright and trade secret law. Proprietary software is controlled by the publisher, and any user is licensed to use the software in ways detailed in the software licensing agreement. The software cannot be freely copied, distributed or modified by a user.