What is the number of candidates for JEE in Dubai?

The exact number of candidates for the Joint Entrance Examination in Dubai is not available. The exam is conducted at different centers in different parts of the world, so it is not possible to get an exact number.
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How can you sin against the 5th Commandment?

The fifth commandment states “You shall not murder.” To sin against this commandment, one would commit a murder or try to harm another person with the intent of killing them.

Where did Steve Capossela go to college?

Steve Capossela attended Dartmouth College, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology and Environmental Studies in 1990.

What is a piezo accelerometer used for?

A piezo accelerometer is an electronic device used to measure acceleration, vibration, and shock. They are typically used in industrial applications such as machinery monitoring and testing, machine condition monitoring, and shock and vibration testing.


What is the advantage of using an SSD hard drive for day trading?
The main advantage of using an SSD hard drive for day trading is speed. SSD drives are many times faster than traditional HDDs and can help reduce the latency between placing order and its execution. Since day trading relies on speed and instantaneous action to take advantage of short-term price movements, the faster drive access speeds of an SSD hard drive can be a game-changer for traders.
Is cast iron a good drill bit?
No, cast iron is not suitable for drill bits. It is too brittle and will break when subject to drill pressures. High-speed steel, cobalt, and carbide are better choices for drill bits.
What is the difference between autonomous and automated?
Autonomous refers to systems that are self-governed and make decisions based on their own intelligence and autonomous operations, such as self-driving cars. Automated on the other hand, refer to systems that are programmed with instructions to carry out specific tasks without human intervention, such as robotic task automation.
What are credit cards pre approved?
Credit cards pre-approved are offers from banks and credit card companies that you have been “pre-approved” for. This means you have gone through a rigorous screening process and have been deemed to have a high enough creditworthiness to qualify for certain offers. The offers can range from cash back, interest free purchases and other credit card incentives. Once you accept the offer, you will be required to provide a few additional pieces of information to complete the application process.
Is a corporate officer an employee of a corporation?
Yes, a corporate officer is an employee of a corporation, but they are typically among the most highly-ranked and compensated employees.
Where is the petition filed in an involuntary commitment hearing?
The petition is typically filed with the court where the involuntary commitment hearing is taking place.