What is the National Planning Application Map?

The National Planning Application Map is an online tool designed to enable users to access information on current, planned and historic planning applications in England and Wales. This interactive map was created by the UK government to improve transparency in the planning process by making it simpler to find out which applications are being discussed and to review related documentation. It also offers users the ability to comment on live applications, and keep up to date with the progress of a particular project. The National Planning Application Map is a free and open resource, available to both the public and the planning sector.
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Why is the replacement of desktop PC with a laptop a trend?

The replacement of desktop PCs with laptops is a trending phenomenon due to the increase in mobility and portability of laptops. The ability to take one’s work anywhere with a laptop gives users greater flexibility and convenience, allowing them to work anywhere they have access to their laptop or the Internet. Additionally, laptop technology has advanced to the point where they have become powerful machines capable of meeting the needs of many consumers and professionals. They are also significantly smaller and lighter than traditional desktop PCs, making them ideal for travel and minimal office space.

What is the best IDE for mobile app development?

The best IDE for mobile app development depends on the language and platform you are using. Some popular mobile development IDEs are Android Studio (for Android apps), Xcode (for iOS apps), and Visual Studio (for Windows Phone apps).

How to invite collaborator on Instagram?

1. Go to your profile and tap “Edit Profile.” 2. In the "Edit Profile" section, scroll down and select "Invite a Collaborator". 3. Enter the person's username into the search field and select them from the list of search results. 4. Select the “Invite” button. 5. The person you invited will receive a notification via direct message or an email. 6. To accept the invitation, they will need to tap the invitation URL within the invitation message. 7. Once they accept, they will become your Instagram collaborator.


What is Microsoft's public cloud infrastructure market share?
According to a report from Gartner in 2020, Microsoft Azure currently holds an estimated 18% of the global public cloud infrastructure services market, making it the second largest provider after Amazon Web Services (AWS), which holds an estimated 33% of the market.
How effective is screening mammography for breast cancer screening?
Screening mammography is an effective tool for detecting early stage breast cancer and can reduce mortality from the disease by up to 43%. It can also identify any potential changes before they become problematic. In addition, routine screening mammograms can detect 85-90% of breast cancers, even in women with no symptoms. Finally, studies have found that regular mammography screening lowers a woman’s risk of dying from breast cancer by nearly a third.
What is the average cost of a long distance move?
The average cost of a long distance move is typically between $2,000 and $5,000, depending on the distance and amount of items being moved. Factors such as the type and size of the items, distance of the move and packing options all play a role in how much the move will cost.
How to find network adapter in Windows Server 2019?
1. Open the Control Panel. 2. Select Network and Internet. 3. Select Network and Sharing Center. 4. In the left pane, select Change adapter settings. 5. Scroll through the list of network adapters, located in the middle pane, to locate the one associated with your Windows Server 2019 system.
How do I merge a drive partition?
1. Back up your data. It is important to make sure all your data is backed up before you begin the process of merging a drive partition. 2. Open the “Disk Management” window. To do this, open the “Control Panel”, select “Administrative Tools”, and choose “Computer Management”. 3. Select “Disk Management” from the left sidebar of the Computer Management window. 4. Right click on the partition you would like to merge and click “Delete Volume” from the menu. 5. Right click on the adjacent partition you want to merge it with and click “Extend Volume” from the menu. 6. Follow the on-screen steps to extend the partition and merge the two drives.
Can new appliances make your home less appealing to buyers?
Yes, new appliances can make a home less appealing to buyers. Generally, buyers are looking for the opportunity to customize their space and select their own appliances, colors, and finishes. Therefore, new appliances may be viewed as more of a limitation than an advantage to potential buyers.