How do I limit diagnostic log collection in Windows 10?

If you only want to collect a limited amount of diagnostic log data on your Windows 10 device, you can use the Diagnostic and Usage Data settings in the Privacy section of Windows Settings. From there, you can choose from a range of options: Basic, Enhanced, Full, Security and Enhanced with Limited Diagnostics. You can also limit collection of diagnostic log data through the Group Policy Editor. In the Group Policy Editor window, navigate to Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Data Collection and Preview Builds. From there, you can enable or disable logging on your device as needed.
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How to eliminate dupes in Excel?

1. Select the data range or column with duplicate values. 2. On the Data tab, click the “Remove Duplicates” button in the Data Tools group. 3. A “Remove Duplicates” dialog box appears. Select the columns you want to remove duplicates from and then click OK. 4. A dialog box appears with a report on the number of duplicates removed. Click OK.

How to invite collaborator on Instagram?

1. Go to your profile and tap “Edit Profile.” 2. In the "Edit Profile" section, scroll down and select "Invite a Collaborator". 3. Enter the person's username into the search field and select them from the list of search results. 4. Select the “Invite” button. 5. The person you invited will receive a notification via direct message or an email. 6. To accept the invitation, they will need to tap the invitation URL within the invitation message. 7. Once they accept, they will become your Instagram collaborator.

Can you be evicted without cause?

Yes, in some states, a landlord may legally evict a tenant without cause under certain circumstances. However, in other states, a landlord must have a legally recognized reason for eviction, such as non-payment of rent or violation of terms of the lease. In most cases, it is best to check with your local landlord/tenant laws to determine what is required in your jurisdiction.


What is Adobe After Effects for Mac?
Adobe After Effects for Mac is a professional motion graphics and visual effects software used by professionals and studios to create film, TV, web, and motion graphics. It provides a range of features such as motion tracking, green screen, rotoscoping, keying, compositing, and animation. After Effects also includes pre-built 3D models and elements such as text and shapes to easily create compelling motion graphics.
Should Staples and Office Depot merge?
The current merger between Staples and Office Depot has been blocked by the Federal Trade Commission, so any hypothetical merger would require approval from the FTC. The FTC is likely to block a similar merger, as it widely viewed as anti-competitive and likely to raise prices for consumers.
Is the chip for the computer is called the brain?
No, the chip for a computer is not called the brain. Computers are composed of a variety of components, including the central processing unit (CPU) or microprocessor, memory, input/output (I/O), and storage.
What is the rural sanitation system like in Zimbabwe?
The rural sanitation system in Zimbabwe is problematic, with limited access to improved sanitation services in rural areas due to a variety of infrastructure, economic, and environmental problems. Sanitation facilities such as pit latrines, septic tanks, and traditional systems are not always available or properly maintained, leading to open defecation, water contamination, and related illnesses. In addition, many households lack access to safe drinking water sources, resulting in high rates of water-borne diseases. Although some programs are offering services in rural areas, such as the sanitation program conducted by World Vision Zimbabwe and support from the World Bank and USAID, access to improved sanitation services still remains limited.
Do all Xbox One controllers use the same joystick hardware?
No, different Xbox One controllers may use different joystick hardware. The type of joystick used depends on the exact controller model, manufacturer, and design.
How to use master graphics processor in afterburner?
1. Launch MSI Afterburner, then open Settings (the gear icon). 2. Go to the General tab and check the 'Enable Unified GPU Monitoring' box. 3. Go to the Monitoring tab and choose which parameters you want to display in the On-Screen Display. 4. Move to the Hardware Monitoring tab and select the OSD Type as 'Master Graphics Processor'. 5. Click on Apply, then OK. 6. You are now ready to start monitoring the master graphics processor.