Is IIT Bombay good for chemical engineering?

Yes, IIT Bombay is a very good option for Chemical Engineering. It is ranked 1st in the NIRF Rankings 2021 among all Indian universities for the Chemical Engineering discipline. The institute has a dedicated Department of Chemical Engineering and excellent faculty and infrastructure to guide students in their journey of academics and research.
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How to fix Android black screen?

1. Restart your device: Hold down the power button until the screen turns off, wait a few seconds, then turn it back on. 2. Check for a software update: Check for updates for your Android device by going to the Settings app, scrolling to the bottom, selecting About Phone, and tapping System Updates. 3. Clean up your home screen: If your home screen is cluttered with apps and widgets, it may be causing issues with your device. Uninstall apps you don’t need, delete unnecessary widgets, and rearrange your home screen to help prevent any future lagging or black screens. 4. Free up storage space: An overcrowded storage space can cause issues with your device. Delete apps or files you don’t need and try to keep only the essential apps or files. 5. Perform a factory reset: A factory reset will delete all the data stored on your device and give you a “clean slate”. Be sure to back up any important files before doing a factory reset. This can be done by going to the Settings app, selecting Backup & Reset, and tapping Factory Data Reset.

How to VLOOKUP different format?

If you want to VLOOKUP data with a different format, you can change the formatting of the data before doing the VLOOKUP, so that it matches the source data. For example, if you are trying to VLOOKUP a date in the format dd/mm/yyyy but the source data is in the format mm/dd/yyyy, you can change the format of the lookup value to mm/dd/yyyy before running the VLOOKUP. You can also use Excel's TEXT function to convert the format. For example, if you have a date in the format dd/mm/yyyy and you need to convert it to mm/dd/yyyy, you can use the formula =TEXT(cell with the date,"mm/dd/yyyy").

Is vitamin K2 effective in patients with chronic kidney disease?

There is currently insufficient evidence to determine whether vitamin K2 is effective in patients with chronic kidney disease. Studies have suggested that vitamin K2 supplementation may improve kidney function and play a role in delaying the progression of kidney disease, however, more research is needed to conclusively establish its effectiveness in treating chronic kidney disease.


How to create multiple FTP accounts on Windows 10?
1. Open Windows Control Panel. 2. Open Administrative Tools. 3. Open Computer Management. 4. Expand System Tools, then expand Local Users and Groups. 5. Right-click on Users and select New User. 6. Create new users with the appropriate user names and passwords. 7. Right click the user name, select Properties, and select Membership. 8. Click the Group Membership tab, then select the FTP Users group. 9. Select OK. 10. Repeat steps 5–9 for each FTP user account you need to create. 11. When finished, close the Computer Management window.
How Walt Disney can increase its competitive advantage without increasing costs?
1. Develop Innovative Products: Developing new and innovative products can help Walt Disney maintain its competitive advantage and increase its market share. This could include creating new apps or services to make their customer's experience more enjoyable, offering themed items and merchandise, or creating attractions or events that are unique to their brand. 2. Expand Its Reach: Walt Disney can also increase its competitive advantage by expanding its reach to more markets. This could include investing in more digital products and services, developing a presence in new markets, or engaging with more diverse customers. 3. Optimize Customer Experience: Optimal customer experience will help Walt Disney differentiate itself from its competitors by providing outstanding customer service. This could include improving its customer service, using customer feedback to refine its products and services, and offering rewards programs to keep customers engaged. 4. Enhance Brand Identity: Establishing a clear and unique brand identity can help Walt Disney stand out in its industry. This could include creating an easily recognizable logo and tag line, hosting events or campaigns that represent its values, and developing an online presence that ties into its marketing and advertising efforts.Disney's competitive advantage lies in its strong brand, vast library of intellectual property, and diversified portfolio of businesses. The company has been able to leverage its intellectual property to create popular films, merchandise, television shows, and theme parks, which generate significant revenues. Disney also benefits from economies of scale, as its broad suite of businesses gives it access to unique resources, such as creative personnel, marketing, distribution capabilities, and financial resources. Additionally, Disney also benefits from its large customer base, which provides a stable source of revenue and loyalty. Finally, Disney also has a wide array of relationships and distribution capabilities, including strong relationships with theaters, cable networks, and streaming services.The Walt Disney Company manages its competitive landscape by leveraging its extensive financial resources to acquire businesses, invest in innovation, and develop a strong portfolio of products and services. They also heavily rely on their brand and reputation as a leader in entertainment to draw customers and stay ahead of the competition. Additionally, Disney has created a customer centric culture focused on providing outstanding customer service, reliable products and services, and a wide range of experiences that meet the changing demands of its customers. To maintain brand loyalty, Disney offers customer loyalty programs, rewards, discounts, and other incentives that keep customers returning and increase brand loyalty. Finally, Disney has also implemented an aggressive digital presence and marketing strategy that focuses on utilizing the latest technologies to reach new customers and provide a better customer experience.The Walt Disney Company's product development strategy is built on “expanding the boundaries of creativity, technology and innovation”. This strategy is based on creating a “compelling experience” for customers and exploring new ways to expand the reach of Disney's intellectual property and franchise. Disney follows a continuous cycle of “develop, promote, and extend” when introducing new products; first, they develop and test ideas, then promote the product by leveraging marketing and advertising resources, and finally, extend and adapt the product to unique customer segments and new geographies. Ultimately, the goal is to drive long-term growth in the areas of media, theme parks, live entertainment, consumer products and interactive games.Disney's generic competitive strategy is focused on enhancing customer experience and a differentiation strategy. This means that Disney strives to provide customers with unique and memorable experiences as well as differentiating its products from those offered by competitors. Disney's products and services are differentiated through its creative and innovative content, stories, characters, and technologies. Disney also engages in strategic alliances with external partners to enhance its offerings and increase its reach.
What are instruction set characteristics?
Instruction set characteristics are features of the instruction set architecture (ISA) of a processor, such as its size, speed, complexity, and addressing modes. These characteristics help to determine the capability, power, and efficiency of a processor in executing specific tasks. They include word size, addressability, instruction type, addressing modes, length encoding, instruction formats, and base instruction execution cycles (IPC).
What is a global library in intellijidea?
A global library in IntelliJ IDEA is a group of .jar files or Java source folders that can be used in any module of any project in the same IntelliJ instance. It helps to save time since you only need to add a single item to the global library instead of importing the same piece of code into each individual project.
What is a cloud service provider?
A cloud service provider is a business that offers cloud computing services – including storage, servers, databases, networking, software, analytics, and more – over the internet. Examples of cloud service providers include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and IBM Cloud.
How to build a photo booth?
1. Gather Your Supplies: You’ll need a computer or laptop with a webcam, a digital camera, an external/backup hard drive, a printer, and a backdrop. 2. Create the Backdrop: Secure the backdrop to the wall or structure behind where people will stand for the photos. 3. Set Up the Computer: Connect the laptop or computer to the printer and hard drive, then download and install the necessary photo booth software. 4. Connect the Camera: Connect the digital camera to the laptop or computer by USB cable, and the images from the camera will appear on the computer monitor. 5. Set Up the Printer: Set the printer up near the laptop or computer, making sure it’s in a place that won’t be in the way of where people will stand for the photos. 6. Adjust the Camera: Adjust the position and angle of the camera so that the image of people standing in front of it displays correctly on the computer screen. 7. Test the Setup: Take a few test photos to ensure everything is working properly, and that they’re displaying correctly on the computer. 8. Let the Fun Begin: Invite people to have their photos taken and enjoy the fun of your homemade photo booth!