Can I appeal a UC Berkeley nonresident classification?

Yes, you can appeal your nonresident classification. Appeals to the University of California Berkeley should be made in writing to the Office of the Registrar. Please note that appeals can take a few weeks to be processed. For more information, please refer to UC Berkeley's Nonresident Classification page.
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What are the causes of BIOS corruption?

1. Power Outage: A power outage can cause your BIOS to become corrupted as it can prevent your computer from storing vital information. 2. Virus Attack: A virus attack can also cause your BIOS to become corrupted as it may read and write data to write-protected areas in memory. 3. Firmware Update: Installing the wrong firmware version of BIOS can also cause BIOS corruption. 4. Human Error: Something as simple as incorrectly changing the BIOS settings can cause your BIOS to become corrupted. 5. Overclocking: If the CPU is overclocked beyond what the motherboard can handle, it can cause the BIOS to become corrupted.

What is the largest and longest kite in Indonesia?

The Longest and Largest Kite in Indonesia is the Banshee Kite which measures 28 m (92 ft) and 27 m (90 ft) respectively. This kite is one of the largest in the world and is found in Depok, West Java, Indonesia.

what is citrix

Citrix is a cloud computing software company that provides a variety of hosted services, including remote access, collaboration and file sharing, virtualization, and software-as-a-service management. Its products allow users to access applications and data from any device, across any network, and from any location.


how to connect macbook air to
1. Insert the USB cord from the keyboard into one of the USB ports on your Macbook Air. 2. Next, go to System Preferences, then go to Keyboard. 3. Select the Logitech keyboard from the list. 4. The Logitech keyboard will now be connected to your Macbook Air and ready to use.
Is it common for soldiers to have PTSD?
Yes, it is common for soldiers to have symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after returning from a deployment. Estimates suggest that about 20-30% of veterans will experience PTSD at some point in their lives.
When can I appeal a planning decision?
You can appeal a planning decision within 6 months of the date the decision is made.
Where is the logo on a Dell XPS laptop?
The Dell logo is usually located on the back of the laptop, just above the hinge.
How to turn on hibernate on Windows 10?
1. Open the Start Menu and type “Power Options” into the search bar. 2. Click the “Change what the power buttons do” link. 3. Click the “Change Settings that are currently unavailable” link. 4. Scroll down to the “Shutdown settings” section. 5. Check the box next to “Hibernate”. 6. Click “Save Changes”.
What are the best virtual events to do?
1. Virtual Live Concerts - Live concerts are still possible over the internet, even in a virtual format. Gather friends and family online to watch a live show streamed from a big name musician or band. 2. Virtual Escape Room - Escape rooms normally involve solving physical puzzles and questions to progress. A virtual escape room can also be set up with a series of puzzles or questions that need to be solved via the internet. 3. Food or Cooking Classes - Learn how to cook or bake amazing dishes from the comfort of your own home! Many restaurants and chefs have shifted to virtual classes and tutorials that can turnout amazing feasts for your virtual event. 4. Online Game Night - Anything from virtual board games to online video games, you can play with friends and family online in a supportive and competitive atmosphere. 5. Virtual Art Classes - Get creative and make some art by yourself or with friends. Look up classes online to learn how to sketch something step-by-step, or come up with your own creative project.