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How to create progress bars in Excel?
1. Switch to the “Insert” tab. 2. Select a shape from the “Shapes” drop-down menu in the “Illustrations” group. 3. Draw the shape by holding the left mouse button and dragging the shape to the desired size. 4. Right-click on the progress bar and select “Format Shape”. 5. Click the “Colors and Lines” tab and choose the “Fill” option. 6. Select a color from the “Solid Fill” options, then press “OK”. 7. Go to the “Formulas” tab and locate the “Name Manager” group. 8. Click the “Insert” button, which looks like a “+” sign. 9. Enter a name for the progress bar (e.g. “Progress”). 10. Click the “Value” box and select a range from your data set. 11. Select “Percentage” from the list of options. 12. Click “OK” and your progress bar should now update based on the values entered into the named range.
How to show sheet lists in Excel?
1. In the Sheet tab bar at the bottom of your screen, click the small arrow to the right of your last sheet. 2. Excel will then display a list of all the sheets in the active workbook. 3. Select the sheet you want to jump to.
How to make the columns the same size in Excel?
1. Select the columns you want to make the same size. 2. Right-click on one of the selected columns and select "Column Width". 3. Enter the desired width in the "Column width" box. 4. Click "ok" to apply the change. 5. Your columns will now be the same size.
How do you copy a formula to multiple cells in Excel?
1. Select the cell with the formula that needs to be copied. 2. Move the cursor to the bottom right corner of the cell until it changes into a plus sign, then drag it to the cells you want to copy to. 3. Make sure the cells selected are where you want the formula to be applied and release the click. The formula will be automatically copied.
How to calculate inventory turnover in Excel or Google Sheets?
In Excel or Google Sheets, calculate inventory turnover using the following equation: Inventory Turnover = Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) / Average Inventory To do so, first sum your COGS (or sales revenue) over the period of interest and divide it by the average of your beginning and ending inventory levels over the same time period. To get the average inventory level, take the inventory at the start of the period, plus the inventory at the end of the period, and divide by two. This will give you the average inventory for the period and the inventory turnover ratio.
How to use VBA editor in Excel?
1. Open Microsoft Excel. 2. Select the "Developer" tab. 3. Within the Code group, choose Visual Basic. This will open the Visual Basic Editor. 4. Within the Visual Basic Editor, you can create and manage VBA projects, and begin programming macros. To create a macro, type “Sub” followed by the name of your macro, then type “End Sub.” 5. To execute the macro, go back to Excel, click the Developer tab, and select “Macros” from the Code group, then choose the name of the macro from the list. 6. Your macro will now run. Any changes you make to the VBA code, you must save within the Visual Basic Editor before the macro will update in Excel.
How to use gallery view in Excel?
1. Launch Excel and click the tab for the worksheet that you want to add a gallery view to. 2. Select the range of cells from which you want to create a gallery view. 3. Go to the “Insert” tab and select “Table Gallery” from the Tables drop-down menu. 4. From the Table Gallery window, select the type of table you would like to add to your worksheet. 5. Click the “Create Table” button and your selected table will be added to your worksheet. 6. To add a gallery view of your table, go to the “Table Design” tab and select “Gallery View” from the Table Styles group. 7. Select a style from the “Style Gallery” list and it will immediately be applied to your table.
How to multiply in an Excel spreadsheet?
1. Enter your data into the worksheet. 2. Select the cell containing the first number you wish to multiply. 3. Type an asterisk (*) after the first number. 4. Select the cell containing the second number you wish to multiply. 5. Press Enter. Your answer should appear in the active cell.
How do you use the FIND function in Excel?
The FIND function in Excel is used to locate a character or a string of characters within a larger string. It returns the position of the specified character or string of characters from the beginning of the string. Syntax =FIND(find_text,within_text,starting_position) Arguments find_text – The character or the string of characters for which you want to search within the specified string. within_text – The string from where you want to search. starting_position – The position from where the search should begin within the string (optional). Examples =FIND("word","word in the sentence") This will return 1 as the position of the word "word" in the sentence "word in the sentence" starts from the first character. =FIND("n","word in the sentence",2) This will return 8 as the position of the "n" in the sentence "word in the sentence" starts from the second character.
What is check box 1 in Excel?
Check box 1 in Excel is a form control that allows users to select a single option from a list of options. It is typically used to perform tasks such as marking off completed tasks, selecting options within a group, or making a choice between two or more options. Check boxes are represented as square boxes that can contain a check mark or be blank.


What to do when Adobe Illustrator not responding?
1. Check for updates: Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Illustrator installed. 2. Restart your computer: If your computer has been running for a long time, restart your machine. 3. Check to see if your computer meets the minimum system requirements: Ensure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements for Adobe Illustrator. 4. Try restarting the application: Force quit Illustrator and open it again. 5. Clear preferences: Reset your preferences in Illustrator. 6. Check system fonts: Make sure you have the latest font library for Adobe Illustrator. 7. Check your memory and disk space: Make sure that your computer has enough memory and disk space to run Adobe Illustrator. 8. Check GPU and Virtual Memory: Make sure the GPU and virtual memory that Adobe Illustrator requires is enabled on your computer. 9. Reinstall Adobe Illustrator: If all else fails, try reinstalling Adobe Illustrator.
How do I retrieve deleted phone contacts?
If you have an Android device: 1. Open the Contacts App. 2. Tap the three-dot menu. 3. Tap “Settings”. 4. Tap “Manage Contacts”. 5. Tap “Deleted Contacts”. 6. Select the contacts you need to restore. 7. Tap “Restore Selected Contacts”. If you have an iPhone: 1. Open the Contacts app. 2. Tap “Recently Deleted” (at the bottom of the Contacts list). 3. Tap “Edit”. 4. Tap the circles next to “Restore” for the contacts you want to restore. 5. Tap “Done”. 6. Tap “Restore”.
What is the best backup and sync file storage solution?
The best backup and sync file storage solution depends on your needs. One popular solution is Google Drive, which gives you 15GB of storage for free and can be used both on desktop computers and mobile devices. Dropbox is another popular option that offers up to 2TB of storage and access from any device. And if you are looking for something more secure, options like offer end-to-end encryption for added protection. Ultimately, the best solution for you will depend on your particular needs and budget.
What are the three main functions of the muscular system?
1. Movement – The muscles allow the body to move by contracting and relaxing, controlling the movements of the joints. 2. Posture – Muscles support and maintain the shape and posture of the body. 3. Protection – Muscles also help protect the vital organs by providing support and insulation.
How to find out the storage space of your WordPress website?
1. Using cPanel: The easiest and most straightforward way to find out the storage space of your WordPress website is through your hosting provider's cPanel. cPanel includes a “Disk Usage” section which gives you an overview of the storage space of your website. 2. Using FTP Client: FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a standard protocol used for transferring data from a computer to a web server. You can use an FTP client such as FileZilla to access the server, and then view the disk storage space available. 3. WordPress Plugin: There are a few WordPress plugins available which can provide you with information regarding disk space usage. One such plugin is WP Total Storage space, which provides detailed reports of disk usage, as well as options to enable/disable file caching and compress images.
How can organizations improve processes and capture value through enterprise cognitive computing?
1. Automating routine customer service tasks: Enterprise cognitive computing can help organizations automate routine customer service tasks like processing orders, answering common queries, etc. This can lead to cost savings and improved customer service. 2. Enhancing decision-making: Cognitive computing can help organizations make better decisions faster by providing data-driven insights. This helps companies make better decisions quickly, drive innovation and stay competitive. 3. Enhancing customer experience: Enterprise cognitive computing can help companies capture valuable insights into customer needs, intent and behaviour. This allows companies to provide more personalised, relevant customer experiences. 4. Streamlining operations: Cognitive computing can help streamline operations by analysing data and eliminating unproductive tasks and processes. This can help organizations reduce costs and improve efficiency.