What is the Windows 10 battery report feature?
The Windows 10 Battery Report feature is a tool that helps users to gain a better insight into how their battery is being used and what is draining their laptop battery the most. It provides a detailed breakdown of the total power and estimated remaining battery life, as well as a list of all apps and drivers that are consuming power by showing their average usage. It also tracks average battery life over the course of a week or month, and provides guidance on how to save power.
How to change the pagefile location in Windows 10?
1. Open the Control Panel, and choose System and Security. 2. Go to System, and select Advanced system settings from the left-hand side. 3. Open the Advanced tab, and then select Settings from the Performance section. 4. Go to the Advanced tab, and choose Change from the Virtual Memory section. 5. Uncheck the Automatically manage paging file size for all drives option, if checked. 6. Select the drive where you want the page file to be stored. 7. Enter the desired initial size and maximum size, then click OK. 8. Click on the Set button and then click OK to close the window. 9. Reboot your PC for the changes to take effect.
How to install Windows 10?
1. Before you install Windows 10, check to make sure that your computer meets the system requirements for Windows 10. 2. Visit Microsoft's Download Windows 10 page and click the Download tool now button. 3. Run the tool and follow the on-screen instructions to create a bootable USB drive or ISO file for Windows 10. 4. Insert your USB drive into your computer's USB port or burn the ISO file to a disc. 5. Reboot your computer and press F12 (or the appropriate key for your PC) to access the boot device menu. 6. Select the option to boot from your USB drive or disc. 7. Follow the on-screen instructions to install Windows 10. 8. Once Windows 10 is installed, open the Settings app and follow the on-screen instructions to activate Windows 10.
How to change or delete themes in Windows 10?
1. Changing themes in Windows 10: a. Open the Settings app. b. Select Personalization in the main window. c. Select Themes in the left column. d. Select a theme from the available themes. e. Select Apply to preview it and then confirm to set it. 2. Deleting themes in Windows 10: a. Open File Explorer. b. Navigate to C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Themes. c. Select the theme you wish to delete. d. Press the Delete key on your keyboard to remove it. e. Confirm the deletion.
How to fix external monitor not detected on Windows 10?
1. Make sure the external monitor is properly connected to the PC and has power. 2. Restart the computer. 3. Go to the “Display Settings” in Windows 10 and then click on “Detect”. 4. Uninstall and reinstall your video card driver. 5. Check the cable and port you are using on the external monitor. 6. Use a different video port on your computer. 7. Enable the “Second Screen” feature in the “Display Settings” and try connecting the external monitor again. 8. Check the video card and the video port. 9. Try using a different cable. 10. If all else fails, consider disabling the “Fast Startup” feature on Windows 10, which can interfere with external monitor connections.
Can DWM be disabled in Windows 8?
Yes. DWM (Desktop Window Manager) can be disabled in Windows 8 through the Task Manager. In Task Manager, go to the Services tab, locate the Desktop Windows Manager service, and then choose Stop.
Is it possible to get Windows 10 for free?
Yes, Windows 10 is available for free to anyone who has an existing Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 license. This offer is only available for a limited time, however, and there may be some restrictions.
How to fix Gmail notifications not working on Windows 10?
1. Check your Notification settings: Go to Windows Settings > System > Notifications & Actions. Make sure the "Show notifications on the lock screen and play notification sounds" has been enabled. 2. Make sure Gmail is added to the priority list: Go back to Notifications & Actions and make sure that Gmail is on the priority list. 3. Update your Gmail app: Make sure you're running the latest version of the Gmail app or website. You can update the app through the Microsoft Store or by visiting mail.google.com. 4. Check your Windows 10 bit version: Gmail notifications currently only support 64-bit versions of Windows 10. Check the "About your PC" settings in Windows Settings to see which version you have. 5. Restart your computer: If all else fails, restarting your computer can help solve common issues with notifications.
How do I set up my microphone on Windows 10?
1. Plug your microphone into your Windows 10 computer. 2. Search for ‘Sound’ on the start menu and open the Sound Settings. 3. Click on the ‘Input’ tab and select the microphone you plugged in. 4. Move the slider to adjust the microphone input volume and make sure that the microphone is not on mute. 5. Click on the ‘Levels’ tab and use the slider to adjust the microphone volume on your PC. 6. Make sure that the microphone is checked under the ‘Recording’ tab and click on ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’.
How to promote standard user to administrator in Windows 10?
1. Open File Explorer and from the left pane, select This PC. 2. Right click on This PC and select Manage. 3. In the Computer Management window, click on Local Users and Groups and then click on Users. 4. Right click on the standard user account you wish to promote to an administrator and select Properties. 5. In the Properties window, click on the Member Of tab and then click on Add. 6. In the Select Groups window, type Administrators in the Enter the object names to select box. 7. Click on the Check Names button and then click on OK. 8. Click on Apply, then OK. 9. Your standard user has now been promoted to an administrator.


Why is my Bluetooth mouse not working on Windows 10?
The most common cause of a Bluetooth mouse not working on Windows 10 is due to a driver issue. Make sure you are running the latest version of the Bluetooth mouse driver. If that doesn't help, try rebooting your computer to see if that resolves the issue. Additionally, make sure that Bluetooth is enabled and that the mouse is properly paired with the computer. If the issue persists, try connecting the mouse to a different computer or a different USB port on the current computer.
How do I restore the network icon in Windows 10?
1. Right-click on the Windows Start button and select Settings. 2. In the Settings window, click on Network & Internet. 3. On the left column, select Status. 4. Under Change your network settings, click Network reset. 5. Click Reset now and click Yes when asked. 6. Once the reset is complete, the network icon should reappear on the taskbar.
How to uninstall recent downloads Windows 10?
1. Open the “Settings” menu in Windows 10. 2. Choose “System” and then select “Apps & features.” 3. Here you’ll see every app and program on your computer listed. 4. Scroll through the list to find the download you want to uninstall. 5. Click the program to open its page, then select “Uninstall.” 6. Follow the on-screen instructions to remove the program from your computer.
How do I turn off apps in Windows 10?
1. Open the Start Menu and go to Settings. 2. Select Apps. 3. Select the app you want to turn off from the list. 4. Click the "Uninstall" or "Turn Off" button to turn off the app.
Is Windows 10x coming to Surface devices?
Microsoft has not officially announced plans to bring Windows 10X to Surface devices. However, many rumors have been circulating about the possibility. We cannot confirm whether or not Windows 10X will be available on Surface devices until Microsoft officially makes an announcement.
How to enable nearby sharing on Windows 10?
1. Go to the Start menu and select Settings. 2. Go to Devices. 3. Select Bluetooth & Other Devices. 4. Click on the “+” sign next to “Add Bluetooth or other devices”. 5. Select “Nearby Sharing” from the list of available devices. 6. Toggle Nearby Sharing to the “On” position. 7. You will be asked to enable cooperation with apps and services. Agree to this by clicking “Yes” or “Allow”. 8. You should now be able to use Nearby Sharing on your Windows 10 device.