How to find files by size in Windows 10?
1. Open File Explorer, by clicking on its icon located in the Taskbar or Start Menu. 2. Click on the View tab at the top of File Explorer to open a drop-down menu. 3. Check the box next to the Details option. 4. Now select the size option from the drop-down menu that appears as a column. 5. On the left pane of the window, select any drive or folder that you want to search for files. 6. Scroll through the list until you find the file size you’re looking for. Alternately, you can type in the size in the search box at the top right corner of the window. 7. Select the file and click on Open to open it.
How do I test a game controller on Windows 7?
1. Plug the game controller into your computer. 2. Download and install the latest version of the driver for your game controller. 3. Go to the Start Menu, and then type “Game Controllers” into the search box to open the Game Controllers panel. 4. Select your game controller from the list, then click Properties. 5. You should be presented with a window that allows you to test your game controller. 6. If all goes well, your game controller should now be ready to use.
How to fix not working calendar app on Windows 10?
1. Restart your device. 2. Check for Windows updates. 3. Review the calendar app privacy settings. 4. Reset the calendar app. 5. Run the Windows Store App troubleshooter. 6. Reinstall the calendar app. 7. Check third-party applications.
How to disable users must enter a user name and password in Windows 10?
1. Open the Settings app. 2. Go to Accounts > Sign-in Options. 3. Under the Password section, click the Manage button. 4. Under the Password menu, click on the Change button. 5. Select the “Do not require password” radio button. 6. Click the OK button to save your settings. 7. Click the OK button to save your settings and exit.
How do I view all shutdown events in Windows 10?
1. Click the Windows Start button and type “Event Viewer.” 2. Select “Event Viewer” from the list of results. 3. Look for the “Windows Logs” folder, in the left navigation pane. 4. Select “System” from the list. 5. Filter by the “Event ID.” 6. For shutdown events, look for Event ID 1074.
What is Windows 8.1 Mobility Center?
Windows 8.1 Mobility Center is a feature of the Windows 8.1 operating system that provides a central location to quickly access mobile-related system settings, such as the battery saver, display brightness, and volume settings. The Mobility Center also shows the status of various mobile components, including the volume and network connections, and allows users to easily access these items in one place instead of having to search through the Windows Control Panel.
How to check computer performance in Windows 8?
1. Open the Task Manager by right-clicking anywhere on the taskbar and selecting Task Manager or pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del and selecting Task Manager. 2. Go to the Performance tab to see an overview of your computer's performance. 3. In the Performance tab, you will see visuals of your computer's resource usage. You can check your CPU, Memory and Disk usage at the top. 4. If necessary, click the Open Resource Monitor link in the lower-right corner of the window for more detailed information. 5. To see how much RAM you have, click on the Memory tab. The amount of RAM installed will be in the Installed memory field. 6. To see the type of processor your computer runs on, click on the CPU tab. The processor manufacturer and model number will be listed in the Processor field. 7. To check your hard drive performance, click on the Disk tab. You can see how much free space is on your drive and how much is total. Additionally, you can see how many reads and writes have occurred.
How to enable cookies on Windows 10?
1. Open the Start menu and select Settings. 2. Click the Privacy heading. 3. Under the left navigation panel, select Cookies. 4. You should now see the Cookies page. 5. Under the "Allow websites to save and read cookie data" heading, click the toggle button to turn on cookies. 6. Click the "Close" button to apply the changes to your Windows 10 system.
How do I Turn OFF mail in Windows 10?
You can turn off mail notifications in Windows 10 by navigating to Settings > System > Notification and Actions. Here, under the Notifications section you can toggle off the "Show app notifications" button. This will stop the Mail app from appearing on your desktop. Additionally, you may also scroll down to the Mail and Calendar app specific options and toggle the "Show notifications" button off.
What is the best RDP alternative for Windows 10 Home Edition?
The best RDP alternative for Windows 10 Home Edition is TeamViewer. This is a remote access software that makes it easy to connect over a secure connection to another computer, allowing you to access and control the other computer remotely. It also provides a high level of security, allowing you to manage and control access to the remote device, so you know who is accessing your computer.


How to disable Mouse acceleration Windows 10?
1. Go to the Start menu and type mouse settings in the Search box. 2. Select Mouse Settings from the search result. 3. Select Additional Mouse Options which will open Mouse Properties. 4. Click on the Pointer Options tab. 5. Uncheck the box beside Enhance pointer precision to disable mouse acceleration. 6. Click Apply and OK.
Is your phone call not working on Windows 10?
If your phone call is not working on Windows 10, there are a few things you can try. First, make sure your microphone and speakers (or headset) are properly connected. You should also check your audio settings and make sure everything is turned up and your selected microphone is the one you are using. Additionally, you can try restarting your computer, as that often resolves a lot of audio problems. If none of these suggestions work, try reinstalling the audio driver or contact a technical support service for more help.
How to emulate Windows XP in Windows 10?
You can use software such as Microsoft’s Windows XP Mode or third-party virtual machine software such as VirtualBox or VMWare. Windows XP Mode allows you to run Windows XP in a virtual environment within Windows 10. Virtual machine software is a bit more advanced and allows you to install a fully functional version of Windows XP within Windows 10.
What is the Windows 10 servicing stack update?
The Windows 10 servicing stack update (SSU) is a update to the components of the Windows 10 operating system that are released independently of the overall feature upgrade. It helps keep Windows 10 up to date and is designed to improve reliability and compatibility with Windows 10 upgrades and service packs. The servicing stack update provides several new components and fixes to the SSU, allowing it to remain up to date with changes and advancements in the Windows operating system.
How to install Ruby on Windows 10?
1. Download the Ruby Installer The first step is to download the Ruby Installer. The version you need depends on your system architecture. You can find the download link for Windows at 2. Double-click the Installer Once the installer is downloaded, double-click it to start the installation process. You will be guided through several steps to complete the installation process. 3. Accept the Licence Agreement Once the installation wizard is open, you will be asked to accept the Licence Agreement. Read the agreement and click “I Agree” to continue. 4. Choose Installation Options The next step is to choose the installation options. You will be asked to choose components, install location and other advanced options. We recommend using the default settings. 5. Install Ruby Once all the options are chosen, click “Install” to complete the installation process. This will take a few minutes to finish.Once the installation is complete, you can start using Ruby.
Is it better to use iOS or Windows 10?
This really depends on what type of activities you're looking to perform. iOS is generally best suited for mobile devices and tasks related to media consumption, while Windows 10 is typically more suitable for activities such as gaming, productivity, and creativity.