Today's Recommendation How long can water sit before it becomes a mosquito breeding site?
It really depends on the temperatures and the other conditions, but in most cases, water can start to become a breeding site for mosquitoes within a few days.
Is lithium headed for a structural supply deficit?
It is difficult to predict in the near term if lithium is headed for a structural supply deficit, due to the global economic uncertainty caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Demand for lithium-ion batteries is expected to remain firm in the coming years, driven by electric vehicle production, and this could lead to further rises in prices. Additionally, production of lithium is likely to remain low in the short term, due to several factors such as delays in the start of large-scale mining projects and supply chain disruptions. This could lead to potential shortages, depending on how quickly the industry recovers from the pandemic-related disruptions. However, it is too soon to say definitively if there will be a structural supply deficit, so it is important to monitor the market carefully.
What are the best social media blogs?
1. Social Media Examiner 2. Social Media Today 3. Sprout Social 4. Buffer 5. Hootsuite 6. Marketing Land 7. Convince and Convert 8. Content Marketing Institute 9. Content Marketing Institute Social Media 10. Digital Marketing Institute
Are older adults more likely to die from burns and fires?
No, the majority of deaths related to burns and fires are among children, with the elderly making up a small percentage of the fatalities.

Software Tips

What are the dangers of downloading software?
1. Malware: Pirated software, or software gained from unknown sources, often contains malware that can harm your computer. Malware can be used to steal sensitive data and information, as well as introducing viruses and other malicious programs to your system. 2. Reduced Security: Downloading software can make your computer vulnerable to cyber-attacks. By breaching your system, attackers can gain access to your private data. 3. Unstable Software: Because pirated software often doesn’t include updates and support, the system can become unstable. This means it can crash or malfunction, causing you to lose data or damage to files. 4. Intellection Property Rights: Downloading software without permission or license can also infringe on intellectual property rights and can result in fines or legal action.
How do I remove vulnerable software?
The best way to remove vulnerable software from a system is to uninstall, delete, disable, or replace it with an updated version that is more secure. Generally, this can be done through a computer's security or system preferences, or through a separate application. If you're unsure how to do this, it's best to check the software manufacturer's website or contact customer support.
What software can I use to open a .bin file?
There are multiple applications that you can use to open a .bin file. Popular options include WinRAR, 7-zip, MagicISO, ISO Buster, and Bin2ISO.
What is the critical part part of the software development development?
The most critical part of software development is the planning and design phase. This is when the project team works to define the overall objectives and requirements of the project, as well as create a plan outlining how they will be met. It is essential to establish a clear vision and roadmap that the whole team can use to work towards creating a successful product.
How to install Thunderbolt software?
1. Ensure your system is up to date before beginning the installation process. Download and install any available BIOS or system updates from the website of your computer's manufacturer before proceeding. 2. Download the Thunderbolt software from the manufacturer's website. 3. Locate the downloaded software file on your computer and double-click it to begin the installation. 4. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation. 5. Connect your Thunderbolt device to the computer, if you haven't done so already. 6. Reboot your system to activate the Thunderbolt software. 7. Verify that the Thunderbolt software is working correctly by launching the software, navigating the menus and using any available settings.
Does your restaurant software increase sales?
Yes, restaurant software can help improve sales by allowing customers to order online, view menus, review meals, and manage delivery/pickup options. Additionally, restaurant software can help improve operational efficiency while enhancing customer engagement. By streamlining operations, restaurants can reduce costs and increase profits over time.
Can coaches use the software?
Yes, coaches can use the software. The software offers training programs, nutrition advice and goal tracking tools to help coaches and athletes succeed.
How artificial intelligence (AI) can help in software testing?
AI can be used to automate many aspects of software testing. It can be used to search for defects more quickly and accurately than manual testing, helping to save time, money and resources. AI can also be used to run simulations and analyze performance data, to help identify potential issues before they reach the user. AI can also be used to differentiate between real and simulated user behaviour, helping to uncover bugs and inconsistencies. Finally, AI can also be used to predict future trends and anticipate user behaviour, to help create better software applications.
What does Sage 50 accounting software use?
Sage 50 accounting software uses the Windows operating system, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Office. It also works with a variety of third-party applications and databases.
What is the best job site to hire software developers?
The best job site to hire software developers depends on the specific needs and requirements of your organization. Some popular job sites to consider include, Stack Overflow Careers,,,, and

Windows Tips

How do I get Windows 10 education keys?
Windows 10 Education keys are available through a variety of authorized Microsoft Education Partners. To find an authorized Microsoft Education Partner, visit the Microsoft Partner Center. You can also visit your school's technology office or IT department to purchase a Windows 10 Education license, or contact a Windows 10 volume licensing reseller.Your Windows 10 key is generally supplied with the purchase of a new computer, or included in an email sent to you when you purchased Windows 10. If you have previously purchased Windows 10, your key would be located in your Microsoft Account, Digital Locker, or the email used to make the purchase. You can also find the key in your old computer’s registry if you used an older version of Windows.No, you do not need to buy a Windows 10 key. If you have an upgraded version of Windows 10, or if you are running an activated version of Windows 7 or Windows 8, you can upgrade to Windows 10 for free.If you are eligible for a free version of Windows 10 Education through your school, you should receive a product key either from your school directly or from the Microsoft Store for Education. If you choose to purchase Windows 10 Education from the Microsoft Store, you will receive a product key.No, Windows 10 does not come with a free activation key. If you upgrade from a genuine copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, you should be able to get a free digital license that enables Windows 10 to continue working normally.
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Linux Tips

How to make Linux look like macOS Mojave?
1. Install a Mac-like theme. You can find many Mac-like themes on websites like and 2. Install Mac icons. You can find many Mac icons on websites like and 3. Install Mac fonts. You can download Mac fonts like San Francisco, Apple Symbols, Menlo and Monacofonts from websites like 4. Change the desktop background. You can find many Mac-style wallpaper images online. 5. Install a dock. You can use a dock like Plank or Docky to give your desktop a Mac-style look and feel. 6. Change your window manager. The Metacity window manager is a great choice for making Linux look like a Mac.
Is Linux more efficient than Windows? What is the most customizable user friendly Linux distro? How to add user to sudoers in Linux? Does Linux Mint have Stella? What are the main commands in Linux? What is LSR (Linux Screen Reader)? How to run Python scripts in Linux? What are the advantages of using Centos over Ubuntu? How do I start a PHP server on Ubuntu?

Office Tips

What is the best way to organize folders in outlook?
The best way to organize folders in Outlook is to create hierarchy and use parent/child structure. You first want to create a parent folder and then start creating sub-folders. This helps organize your data in a logical and easy-to-understand way. For example, you can create a parent folder for “Emails,” and then create folders for “Work”, “Personal”, “Finances”, “Projects,” etc. beneath that. You can also create sub-folders on any one of these. Additionally, if you store emails from a particular client or a specific project, you can create folders such as “Project A” or “Client X” in the corresponding parent folder. This will help make it easier to access and manage emails related to that specific project or client.
What are the best practices for litigation holds in Office 365?
1. Set Up an Instant Litigation Hold: Immediately place a litigation hold on an identified mailbox when litigation is anticipated. To do this on Office 365, you can use the Holds settings on the Exchange Online Admin Center. 2. Communicate with Employees: Make sure to communicate to the user or users that their mailbox and/or files will be subject to a Court order or legal hold. 3. Use Extensive Search Criteria: If you are searching for messages or documents in a particular Office 365 mailbox, utilize advanced search criteria to narrow down the results. This will make it easier to find the specific items you’re looking for. 4. Establish a Systematic Preservation Plan: A systematic preservation plan is essential to ensure all relevant content is preserved and any mailbox or file changes are identified and tracked. 5. Examine Deleted Items and Removed Content: Make sure to regularly check for deleted items and other content that may have been removed from the mailbox or SharePoint folders during the litigation hold period. If found, any items should be preserved and the fact that it was identified must be documented. 6. Backup All Litigation Hold Data: It is best practice to backup all the data that is part of the litigation hold process in its original format to provide a record of all changes. This will help protect the company from legal risks.
How to view pending access requests in Office 365?
Access requests in Office 365 can be managed in the Office 365 admin center, specifically under ‘Users > Active Users > Access requests’. Pending access requests can be seen and managed from this page. It also shows the status of each request and the user it's from, allowing you to approve or deny each one.
Is mobile app accessibility complicated?
Mobile app accessibility can be quite complicated, depending on the complexity of the application. A well-designed mobile app should be developed with accessibility in mind from the start. This includes ensuring that the app is compatible with assistive technologies, such as screen readers and voice input. Good accessibility also requires designing elements that are easily navigable by users with disabilities, designing valid HTML code, and providing alternate text for images. Achieving complete mobile app accessibility requires significant effort and expertise, but is essential for those wanting to ensure their mobile app is available to everyone.
What determines a police officer’s look?
A police officer’s look is determined by their law enforcement agency. Each law enforcement agency typically has a standard uniform or dress code that its officers follow. This includes any protective or tactical gear worn by the officer. Many police forces also have distinct patches, hats, and badges that officers wear to identify themselves.
What are the limitations of random access memory (RAM)?
1. Capacity: RAM generally has a limited capacity, which may be as low as a few megabytes and as high as several gigabytes. This can be a significant constraint for computers handling large amounts of data. 2. Cost: RAM is usually more expensive than other forms of memory. 3. Volatility: RAM is a volatile type of memory, meaning it requires power to remain active. This can be an issue in cases where the power supply is disrupted. 4. Non-permanence: Data stored in RAM is generally not permanent, meaning it is lost when the power is turned off or if there is a system crash.
Why does my device say offline in platform access?
If your device is saying offline in platform access, it may mean that the device’s connection to the platform has been lost due to a poor internet connection or the device lost its connection with the server for some reason. Other possible causes include a hardware or software issue on the device itself.
How to sync on premises users to Office 365 Cloud?
1. Install and configure the Azure AD Connect tool on the on-premises AD. This tool is used to synchronize users from an on-premises environment to an Office 365 cloud environment. 2. Configure the synchronization cycle based on the amount of changes that need to be synchronized between the two environments. 3. Create users in the on-premises AD. Make sure you configure the user’s email address in the UPN (User Principal Name) field. 4. Create an on-premises connection for the Azure AD Connect Sync. This connection will be used to allow the synchronization process to take place over the internet. 5. Configure the synchronization filters to ensure only the required data sets are configured for synchronization. 6. Create and configure the synchronization rule so that only the required user’s attributes are synchronized to Office 365. 7. Start the synchronization process. You can keep an eye on the synchronization process to ensure everything is running as expected. 8. Test the user accounts that were synchronized to Office 365. This is to make sure all of the data has been properly transferred. Finally, you will want to monitor the Office 365 accounts to ensure that your data is being backed up and protected from any outside threats.
Can I use “filters for devices” in my Azure AD conditional access policies?
Yes, filters for devices can be used in Azure AD conditional access policies. This allows administrators to scope their policies to specific device types and platform versions to help ensure security and compliance within their organization.
How do I access the on screen keyboard?
To access the onscreen keyboard, press the Windows key + the letter R key. This should bring up a dialog box. In the dialog box, type 'OSK' and press enter. The On-Screen Keyboard should now appear on your screen.